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This is video of a lady being physically removed from Spirit Airlines flight #470 from Las Vegas to Dallas (July 6, 2011). The first part of the video is flight attendants repeatedly asking her to get off the plane. The second part is Vegas police removing her.

Short version: This crazy lady refused to get off the plane so Las Vegas police made her get off.

Longer version: Something was obviously wrong with this particular individual from the second she got on the plane. I first saw her at the ticket counter endlessly arguing with the desk clerk about baggage fees. Then once on the plane, she was stumbling all around and needed help walking to (finding?) her seat. She then started yelling that it was the “Jesus Plane” among several other barely-coherent statements. She exhibited generally wacky behavior and everyone groaned at the possibility of having to fly with her.. When flight attendants began asking her to come talk to them off the plane she refused, citing “discrimination.” After 10-15 minutes of different flight attendants pleading with her to exit the plane (and her flat-out ignoring them and refusing to move), Las Vegas PD boarded and once again asked her to leave voluntarily. When she refused, they forcibly removed her. You can tell by the crowd’s reactions whose side we were on, as nobody wanted to spend a 2.5 hour flight with a loud, rambling, incoherent lady.

Kudos to Spirit’s flight attendants and Las Vegas PD whose efficient actions still made us take off right on time.

This video appeared on the November 8, 2011 episode of Jay Leno

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