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10 Things You Need to Know When Hiring a Las Vegas Escort

Ready to have some fun in the greatest city on Earth? Here are 10 things you should keep in mind when seeking professional company.

1: You’ll Need To Prove Your Identity

High-class escort services need to make sure you aren’t a psycho, so you may be asked to provide everything from your driver’s license to employee verification from your current job.

2: Weekends Are Extremely Busy…

Everyone loves to cut loose on the weekend, so your options will be quite limited if you’re looking to hire entertainment between Friday and Sunday.

3: …And Costly

Many escorts charge double or even triple for their services on a high-volume night. If you want to save money, avoid hiring an escort on the weekends or during any major holiday.

4: Prices Will Vary

Some companies charge by the hour; others offer discounted rates if you buy a girl’s time for the entire night. You won’t find any legislation about minimum wage or cost caps when you hire an escort.

5: Escorts Are Not Prostitutes

Many escorts describe themselves as “companions,” and they can be hired simply for the pleasure of their company at big events and bachelor parties. To avoid miscommunication, you should be upfront about the services you’ll require from your escort.

6: Stay Away From The Street

Stick to a sophisticated escort service with clean, healthy women and legitimate business practices. Otherwise you may find yourself ripped off or dissatisfied with their labor.

7: Every Escort Is Different

If you’re looking for a particular skill set, it’s important that you seek out those escorts capable of providing it. For example, not all escorts are dancers, so if you’re looking for someone to work the pole at your birthday party, make sure you’re getting a trained pole dancer.

8: Be A Gentleman Or Suffer The Consequences

If you act like a creep, you can get blacklisted from not just your chosen agency but all others like it. These ladies stay in touch with one another for their own protection.

9: Don’t Haggle

Professional escorts have set rates and prices. If you try to bargain with them like they’re pieces of meat in a deli, you may find yourself alone for the rest of your time in Vegas.

10: Vegas Girls Aren’t Like The Rest

Vegas girls have seen it all, so if you’re looking to wreak a little havoc in Sin City, be prepared for the time of your life!

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